Dickinson County

Dickinson County is located in the northwest corner of Iowa along the Minnesota border. It is the physically smallest of Iowa’s 99 counties. What makes our county unique is that it is blessed by 10 natural lakes and 10 state parks. The rich natural resources have drawn people to live and vacation here for over one hundred years. Because of the natural resources we have attractions not found in rural America. They include a major Amusement Park, Art Center, Summer Theater, Maritime Museum, and Money Museum.

Our large natural lakes provide many recreational opportunities that includes boating, fishing, sailing, SCUBA diving, and swimming. Our many blue water natural lakes also attract marinas, restaurants, bars, resorts, motels, and an amusement park. Because of its great natural resources Dickinson County has the highest residential assessed valuation of any rural county Iowa. This extensive tax base supports many amenities not found elsewhere.

Dickinson County is twenty-four miles east to west and seventeen miles north to south with a year-around population of 17,111.Headquartered in the Dickinson County Courthouse in Spirit Lake, our County provides the typical government services including, Treasurer, Recorder, Auditor, Assessor, Sheriff, Road Department, veteran’s affairs, emergency management, sanitation, zoning, courtrooms, and driver’s license services.   These function are managed by a five member elected County Board of Supervisors. Each Supervisor is assigned a specific geographic district. 

Additional information on County operations can be found at website www.dickinsoncountyiowa.org