Fiscal Year 2021 Update

The Levy Rate is determined by the budget requests from all taxing jurisdictions from where your property is located. Each entities budget request is compared to the total assessed value within their taxing jurisdiction. All of the individual levy rates are combined to determine the total levy rate for your property. This total levy rate is multiplied by your Taxable Value to determine your total Annual Property Tax

Typically the major contributors to the total levy rate are your school district, municipal government (if you live in one), Sanitary Sewer, County General, and County Rural Levy (if you don’t live in a municipality). Dickinson County has very high lakeshore land value that results in our County, school districts, and lakeshore communities having some of the lowest levy rates in the state.  Municipalities with a large amount of lakeshore real estate typically have lower levy rates than municipalities that do not.

These FY-21 tax levies are effective July 1, 2020 and will be used in the tax bill you receive in August 2020 to be paid semi-annually in September 2020 and March 2021.

Municipalities FY'21   School Districts – see note FY-21
Arnolds Park  $ 4.95   OKOBOJI SCHOOLS  
Lake Park  $12.96   General Levy TBD
Milford  $13.08   Instructional Support TBD
Okoboji  $ 4.75   Management TBD
Orleans  $ 3.25   Physical Plant $0.33
Spirit Lake  $10.54   Debt Service $1.25
Superior  $  8.10   Total Okoboji TBD
Terril  $  9.49      
Wahpeton  $  3.14   SPIRIT LAKE SCHOOLS  
West Okoboji  $  3.00   General Levy TBD
      Instructional Support TBD
County General Fund  $ 2.45   Management TBD
County Rural Fund  $ 2.44   Physical Plant $0.33
      Debt Service    -
IGL Sanitary Sewer $ 2.49   Total Spirit Lake TBD