Assessed Value

Recently (2019) Dickinson County property taxpayers - along with Iowans across the state - were either shocked by the increase of their assessed property tax value or mildly pleased by their escape.

Iowa law requires the City or County Assessor to review all property in their jurisdiction in odd number years (2019) to be sure assessments are proper. In our case the assessor is the Dickinson County Assessor located at the Spirit Lake courthouse.

The assessor determines the assessed value of each piece of property in the County. Market value of a property is an estimate of the price that it would sell for on the open market on January First of the year of assessment. This is sometimes referred to as the “arms-length transaction” or “willing buyer/willing seller” concept.

Many residential properties saw an increase of 20% in land values including West Okoboji lakeshore and the bottom part of East Okoboji lakeshore. The new assessments are based on sale prices, appraisals, and home improvements. They are one of the pieces used to calculate a property owner's tax bill. The new property assessments will be used on the 2019-2020 tax bills mailed in August 2020 and paid in September 2020 and March 2021.

State law limits residential property value increases to 3% using a statewide average. If assessments grow by more than 3% in Iowa, the rollback is adjusted to reduce how much of a home's value is taxed. However, homeowners in areas where assessment increases outpace the statewide average could still exceed 3% and face higher tax bills. 

More information about Iowa’s property tax procedures can be found on the Dickinson County Assessor’s

Specific property information can be found on this website by using the owners name, property address, or parcel number. Included on each property page is a method to calculate the current year property tax.