Dickinson County Zoning

December 2017 WATCHDOG

The Dickinson County Zoning office is located on the NW corner of the second floor of the Court House. It is office space shared with the County Engineer and the County Roads Department. David Kohlhaase is the County Zoning & Environmental Health Administrator. The Office Manager is Megan Kardell. The telephone number is 336-2770. David’s email address is dkohlhaase@co.dickinson.ia.us   In addition to zoning they also deal with environmental health (wells & septic tanks).

The purposes of zoning is to separate conflicting land uses such as residential and industrial, to ensure new development is located according to the comprehensive plan, to promote quality development that won’t harm public health, safety, or welfare.  The Dickinson County Zoning Ordinance 102, consisting of 123 pages, can be found at website:


The Dickinson County P&Z has seven members and the Board of Adjustment has five members each are appointed for five year terms by the Board of Supervisors. Provided there is business to conduct the County zoning commissions meet:

Planning & Zoning Commission – Third Monday of the month at 1 PM

Board of Adjustment – Fourth Monday of the month at 7 PM

Most meetings are held in the Community Room of the Court House and are open to the public. (Board of Supervisors meet most Tuesdays at 9 AM) The agendas and minutes of the County Planning & Zoning Commission and the Board of Adjustment can be found on the County website www.dickinsoncountyiowa.org/zoning-and-environmental-health

There are three main functions of the Dickinson County Board of Adjustment:

They are Administrative Review, Conditional Uses and Variances.

Conditional Use are uses thought to be an acceptable use in a zoning district, but it takes an additional approval from the BOA.

Variances are authorized by the BOA only for height, area, and size of structures or size and area of lots, yards and open spaces.

Administrative Review to hear and decide appeals alleged against the Administrative officer.

Contact the Dickinson County Zoning and Environmental Health office with any questions you may have. Forms for many County zoning requests can be found on the Dickinson County website. The County zoning and environmental office also has handy lists of companies that provide environmental services in Dickinson County that includes: well contractors, well drillers, septic tank maintenance, and land surveyors.

Information about Dickinson County property can be found at the Beacon site: www.beacon.schneidercorp.com


EDITORS NOTE: This section only provides a summary of zoning information in the unincorporated areas of Dickinson County. Each city has similar zoning requirements. Space here does not permit us to address each city, but they probably have a similar zoning system. Check with city hall or access their website for information about their zoning ordinance.