April 2017 WATCHDOG

The role of the Dickinson County Assessor is to assess the market value of all taxable property in Dickinson County for the purpose of determining its value for paying property tax. There are 28,000 parcels in Dickinson County. Church groups and government agencies that own property do not pay Iowa property tax.

The Assessor is appointed by the Conference Board consisting of the members of the Board of Supervisors, ten city Mayors and a member from each of the four school districts within the County. The County Assessor is Stephanie Sohn whose office along with two deputy assessors, an appraiser, and a clerk is located on the first floor of the Dickinson County courthouse. Telephone 336-2687.

The Conference Board also appoints a five member Board of Review selected from county residents. The function of the Board of Review is to evaluate the written protests filed from April 2nd through April 30th by taxpayers seeking a review of their assessed values.