April 2017 WATCHDOG   (Updated 2019)

The Dickinson County budget is managed by a five member Board of Supervisors. The elected board members are Mardi Allen, Tim Fairchild, Bill Leopold, Paul Johnson, and Pam Jordan. Tim Fairchild was elected in November to represent the Milford area (District 3) to replace long time board member David Gottsche who passed away in August. The BOS usually meets every Tuesday at 9:30 AM in the Court House Community Room. The meeting is open to the public.

The Dickinson County FY18 budget was approved at the March 7th meeting of the Board of Supervisors meeting. To our knowledge only Linn and Dickinson County prepare a detailed PowerPoint presentation with charts and graphs to explain the source of county revenue and how the county funds are spent. A copy of the approved County FY18 budget is available for review at this website   www.dctaxpayers.org/xxxxxxxxxxxxx

NOTE: Based on a November 2018 general election the Board of Supervisors are now Bill Leopold (chairman) Pam Jordan, Tim Fairchild, Steve Clark, and Kim Wermersen.